We are a creative digital development company specializing in Android application development. Let us build you app idea or train your engineers on TDD. Let us build your idea 🙂

Development as a Service

Scope & Estimate

In the Scope and Estimate phase, we help you determine what it takes to launch a project, and how technology can help. We help you assess the challenge by reviewing your client’s needs, determine where technology fits, and what you need to complete this project with respect to time and budget.

Creative Brief

In the Creative Brief phase, we help you match storytelling to your client’s expectations. We work with your Account Managers and Engineers to determine how our service will fit into your creative process. We help you make sure the story you are pitching is in line with the possibilities of technology.

Project Start & Kickoff

During the Project Start & Kickoff phase, we collaborate with your Product Owners and key stakeholders to identify estimated dates, prioritize features, and get the project started on the right foot. We often work on an agile schedule with a transparent process. So collaborating with your team and giving a real-time look at our progress is seamless.

Design & Build

In the Design & Build phase, we make collaboration an enjoyable and efficient experience. It’s important to us during the creative process to work as a team. We typically work with your Design Team to match art direction with the technical functionality that we provide.

Refinement & QA

Our full-stack team allows you to do refinement and quality assurance in addition to development. This method allows us to work together to fix and improve the product before going live. This allows for a faster turnaround time, lower cost than using outside QA, and great for finding bugs before your users or clients do.


In the Launch phase, we team up with your Product and Development Team to plan and execute a successful launch. We focus on accuracy and functionality, and make sure your artistic vision and client expectations are exceeded. We also offer integration with analytics and tracking software to keep you finger on the pulse of your app at all times.

Engineer Training

Hourly  (3 hour minimum)

This option allows you to get expert Android development as a service without the commitment. I can help setup a project on the right foot, build a complex component, or tackle a very difficult bug.

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